Get ready to sell in 2016

With 2015 coming to a close, home buyers and sellers in Fresno and Clovis are looking to 2016 with anticipation as interest rates are on the rise.  As inventory grows and pressure on house prices increase with the rise in interest rates, it is important for home sellers to pay close attention to presentation when marketing their home. With that in mind I am going to give you my top 5 recommendations for getting the most money when selling your home. 

1. Hire a Realtor

I know that some of you are thinking that you can save some money by selling your home by yourself, and there are plenty of arguments about why or why not you should hire a professional Realtor to help you with the process. I am going to point out two overwhelming facts that should compel you to hire a professional. First, people don't like conflict. Second, home buyers don't pay for the services of a Realtor all commissions are paid by the seller. That fact alone means that almost all buyers have a relationship with a Realtor when looking to purchase a home. Realtors utilize the local Multiple Listing service you want to have your house listed there to get the most visibility and in turn money for your home.

2. Price

With the digital age we live in, anyone can spend a few minutes on one of the many websites (including this one) and gather information to come up with some reasonable idea of what any home is worth. Too often we see outrageous pricing on homes for people who say that they just want to "test the market". The testing has already been done for you and is backed by hard numbers, you need to get your home priced at a point where buyers want to take a look and entertain the idea of buying it. If you price it too high its overlooked and sits there. Another unknown fact by many is that there is a 24 hour market watch for realtors on the Fresno MlS which highlights new listing, pending sales, expired listing and sold properties. In other words when your house first hits the market it is sitting there with blinking neon lights screaming "look at me". Don't you want your house to look as attractive as possible during this time so all the buyers want to come and take a look?

3. Pictures can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

In the past 10 years I have listed many homes for sale and I understand the importance of great photographs when it comes to marketing. Sometimes less is more, while it is important to get great pictures of a house, no one needs to see all toilets and cluttered closets. I want to highlight the great parts of your home and while you may like the yellow and purple zebra striped office, my job is to get as many qualified buyers through your front door to get you the most money for your house. Leaving a few photos out of marketing package to get someone to make a personal visit and possibly realize that its just a matter of a little paint.  

4. Remember the 3 D's - De clutter, Deodorize and Disappear.

A few simple steps can mean the difference between thousands of dollars. I know it may feel as if I am just saying this but I have experienced it personally and professionally. When I sold my first home in Fresno my wife and I had only been married for a few years. We had both previously lived on our own and when we got married we combined all or kitchen utensils, appliances etc. We got rid of several items but we still had more that most people and the kitchen drawers/cabinets showed it. Prior to putting our house up for sale we rented a storage and emptied about half of the kitchen and linen closets.

After showing hundreds of homes to potential buyers I can say as a matter of fact, nothing can cut a showing short like household odors or having the seller of the house hang around during the showing. If you take nothing more from this entire blog entry please remember this, I cant stress how important it is for you to leave when there is a showing at your home. Buyers cant get out of your house fast enough when you are lurking in the back bedroom, or there are foreign odors around the house. Remember that buying a home is a highly emotional process for people and if they can stand in your living room and bond with the idea that this may be their home soon, there is probably little chance you are going to get a offer from them.

5. Be prepared to Negotiate.

Always keep in mind why you are selling your home. There has to be a compelling reason that has gotten you to the point of putting your house on the market. If you don't get a full price offer, don't get offended. People want to win and almost everyone wants a deal. Negotiating is important, many people would be surprised that to find out that even a small gesture often is enough to get buyers and sellers to come together. The willingness to work together seems to change the overall paradigm in many transactions.   

We have been selling homes in Fresno, Clovis and all over the Central California for over a decade. We are here to inform and help save you thousands of dollars when you sell your home. Give me a call at (559)355-6295; we would love to earn your business!  To find out more about us visit us at